Tutor’s frequently asked questions

Q1 – What is the role of “A1tutors.in”?

Ans: A1tutors.in is an online platform where students and home tutors can easily connect with each other. If you have a passion for teaching, we can help you find your next big tuition job that fits your skills, favorable location, class and subjects.

Q1 -Is tutor registration free?

Ans: Yes, the tutor registration fees is Totally Free

Q1. What are the eligibility criteria for teachers at “A1 Home Tutors ”?

Ans: Any graduate(Apearing)/post graduate candidate with an excellent academic track record and the passion for teaching can apply for tutor job at “A1 Home Tutors”.

Q2. How do I apply for tutor job?

Ans: For applying for tutor’s job, you should fill and submit the online teacher application form by: Clicking Here or You can search for the latest tuition jobs here and start applying on the jobs that fits your skills, favorable location, class and subjects.

Q3. What is the selection procedure?

Ans: After receiving your online teacher application form the HR Cum Academic Manager scans your profile. If any student’s requirement matches your profile, an interview or a placement exam is scheduled, and you are informed by a call or an email. The placement exam comprises of a series of test to gauge your subject competency. Only after qualifying all the rounds, tutors are selected.

Q4. What are the subjects for which I can apply for tutor position?

Ans: We accept applications for all the subjects related to CBSE / ICSE /  UP Boards.

Q5. Where do I conduct the classes?

Ans: All the classes are conducted at student’s home.

Q6. What is the duration and timings of the classes?

Ans: The duration of the classes would be 1.5-2 hours per day. In a week, you are required to conduct the classes for 3 days or 6 days. The parents/ students decide the timing according to their convenience. You will be informed about the time and days/ week before starting the tutoring sessions. And if you are OK with that, tutoring can be started.

Q7. Do you conduct any training for tutors?

Ans: Yes, we conduct training sessions for teachers. The training sessions are helpful for the tutors to understand various problems of the students in a better way. We have offline training and excellent certification programs.

Q8. Do I need to submit any documents?

Ans: You are required to provide copies of your qualification/experience certificates, two passport size photographs, identity proof and local address proof.

Q9. Where shall I collect my salary?

Ans: You can receive your 1st And 2nd month salary  from A1tutors.in (office). However, the institute will maintain your attendance sheet and track your performance. Salary will be given to you based on your tutoring sessions and quality of teaching.

Q12. What are the payment methods?

Ans: We pay you the  monthly tuition fees using Cash Or Bank Transfer.

Q10.What if I am not selected in trial class?

Don’t be disappointed if you do not get selected in trial class. There are other jobs waiting for you. Check and Apply on latest tuition jobs here. But for the next time before going to give demo, make sure you are well prepared and have revised the topics that you are going to teach.

Q10. Do I have to travel very long distances to conduct the classes?

Ans: No, we assign students nearby your locality. We try our best to minimize your travel time.


Note:-  If you have different question , please fill the for given below. We will get back to you within few hours.