Exam Preparation Tips:

An active mind is the reflection of a healthy body so, first of all, eat right, take proper rest and relax. A good balanced diet is necessary to ensure a healthy body and a healthy mind. A lot of students do not get enough sleep during exam days. It only worsens the situation. Your brain gets tired after a long day’s work and needs a break. If you don’t give the brain the much-needed rest, your brain may not work to the fullest when needed. So, give it the right amount of rest. Sleep at least for 8 hours in the night before the exam.

Start preparing for your exams from day one:  Avoid last-minute preparation to eliminate your stress and anxiety easier said than done. Try to set goals that motivate you into studying every day. Hang a whiteboard in your bedroom and write your goals in block letters. Look at your goals every morning as soon as you wake up. It will inspire you a great deal. If you are still not motivated, think of the times when you succeed in your goals and reach the greatest heights in your life. Avoid wasting time in activities like hovering social networking sites, chatting over the phone more often than you need to, at least a few weeks before exams. It may give you a lot more time to learn and practice.

If you are stuck on a concept, don’t give up:  Relax and take a break. Come back and try a different approach. For example, go from back to the front. You may seek help from your tutors or friends. You will surely find an answer. Even during the exam, if you are stuck on a question, don’t lose heart. Move on to the next question. After you are done with the rest of the questions, you may return to the tough one and attempt to answer. This way, you won’t miss the questions for which you know the answers well.

Do as many revisions as possible:  During exams, while reading a question, read it carefully and slowly so as not to miss any detail. After you have finished writing the exam, check and double check your answers carefully. Do not be in a hurry. Maintain the pace in which you can finish writing the exam on time.

Practice by writing down what you learnt several times:  It’s a very effective method that will not let you down. When you write once, you learn twice. You might also notice some mistakes that you had missed when learning through mere reading.

Reach the exam venue at least 15 minutes: before the scheduled time, to avoid anxiety. Plan your day of the exam ahead. Plan each and every detail like which bus to board in, exam venue, the duration of the journey, etc. If you reach the exam venue early, do not try to learn a new concept that you had not learned. It will only increase your anxiety. Instead, revise the ones that you have learned well.

Prepare a checklist of things to take to the exam center: so you don’t miss anything. Check your bag using the checklist the night before the exam and not right before the exam to avoid nervousness.

Good Luck!!