5 growing career options in biology after 12th

Biology is a subject about the living forms. All of us have emerged with the help of biology as a basic source. This subject hence is very interesting to study. Also that each one of us must have basic knowledge of the same. There are various types of research taking place each day to learn more too. This calls for the need of more and more biologists. Students in class 12th are generally unaware of the career options in biology, and due to lack of counseling, they end up giving up their dream of taking biology forward.

Indian students particularly focus in the medical stream upon choosing the subject. Doctor as a profession is not just about the money it provides, but also the fame, respect and social help it provides. However, apart from being a doctor, there are many other career options in biology I shall be discussing today.

5 career options in biology


Biotechnology as a stream of science deals with combined studies of nature and technology. This discipline has divisions as Bioinformatics, genomics, biomedical engineering etc. Modern biotechnology has a record of numerous advancements too. May that be feeding the world, providing fuel to the world, or be healing the world. Various Indian Institutes like the IITs, IISc, AIIMS etc. provide education to a better level in the subject. Our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra ji too is emphasizing over the subject. This is giving rise to new employment opportunities along with a good package to the sector.

Some courses to pursue after 12th in the same field are:

  1.   B. Sc in Biotechnology
  2.   B. Sc  Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
  3.   B.E. in Biotechnology
  4.   B.Tech (Industrial Biotechnology)
  5.   Diploma in Biotechnology


India is abundant in resources for agriculture-based income. In fact, India’s GDP is well effective due to agricultural products. Also in this informative era, there is a call to new advancements in the area. Scientific knowledge hence will serve greatly to tackle almost all new agricultural related diseases and product varieties.

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Some courses to pursue after 12th in the same are:

  • B. Sc in Agriculture.
  • B. Sc in Agricultural Eco and Farm management
  • B. Sc in Agricultural Meteorology
  • B. Sc in Agricultural Biotechnology
  • B. Sc in Agricultural Statistics
  • B. Sc in Agronomy
  • B.Sc (Agriculture Marketing and Business Management)
  • B.Sc (Biochemistry and Agricultural Chemistry)
  • B. Sc in Crop Physiology
  • B. Sc in Entomology
  • B. Sc (Hons) in Agriculture

We are well aware of the increasing crime in the world. We must ensure a tough and strong central body that is strict enough to stop crimes. For the same, forensic knowledge plays a vital role. Science is a great field to excel in life and forensics is one of its limbs. Consequently, the field is of great importance everywhere in the world.

Some courses to pursue after 12th in the same are:

  • Diploma in Forensic Science (Cyber Crimes)
  • B. Sc in Forensic Sciences
  • Diploma in Forensic Science (Computer Forensics)
  • B. Sc  in Life Science, Chemistry, Forensic Science
  • Diploma in Criminology and Forensic Science for Police personnel
  • B. Sc in Forensic Sciences
  • Diploma in F/Sciences (Ballistics and Finger Prints)

In this world full of workload, stress and hard work, there is increased body pain like disorders. Hence learning about so many types of therapies and treating people is very useful. After all, people after doctors to treat the crowd can be the physiotherapists. To excel in the field, one must have good knowledge about human body especially, bones and muscles.

Some Bachelor courses to pursue after 12th in the same are:

  • Physiotherapy (BPT)
  • Occupational therapy (BOT)
  • Prosthetics and Orthotics(BPO).

A great knowledge of medicines is next to the jobs of doctors. With a great option to go for government jobs, the course can help you open a shop for and earn a lot too. Moreover, drugs and their effects if a great choice of study.

Some courses to pursue in the same are:

  • Bachelors in Pharmacy
  • Diploma in drug control

All these career options in biology can help you realize your dream. For the same one needs to qualify 12th boards with flying colors. We provide home tutors just in a tap, right at your doorstep. Download our  now or visit our home tuition website and request a qualified home tutor for biology now.

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